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Take control of your Online Reputation. This tool tracks all your online reviews, and analyzes what your guests are saying about you across different channels, whether it is TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, Yahoo, BBB and many more.

See all your reviews for one location or multiple locations. Independent hotels, and flagged properties can be setup.

Our system keeps you informed of every review posted in real time and gives you a monthly report of where you stand in terms of your REPUTATION online…as compared to a comp set of your choice.

This program need no downloads or programming by you. We set it up to track all your reviews in real time.

For flagged hotels, it supplements the tools that your franchisor has made available to you, and picks up reviews from sources that your tools don’t track. It also analyses the trending weak and strong points of your property that the customer is talking about in their reviews.

For Independent hotels, it is a much cheaper option than what the bigger companies are offering to you…less than half the price.

Multi unit owners and management companies can track their reviews across different brands and flags on one portal instead of logging into different systems for each property.


Review Response Package


We are hoteliers, and we know how to respond to a guest review. We not only cater to the guest that is reading the review, but more importantly, the guest that is reading the review and deciding whether he should book your hotel or not.

An un-responded negative review or an inappropriate response results in a significant loss of business to your hotel.

We take care of that aspect of running your hotel. Our responses are based on three criteria….Operations, Sales and Marketing. Your responses should not only be a formality to be completed, they can be used as a sales and a marketing tool. Our team is trained on how to do that, so you can focus on running your property.

Each term member has worked or is working in a hotel at or above a supervisory level. Team training and quality control of the responses is overseen by a retired GM and a retired Director of Sales of major hotels.

All reviews on TripAdvisor and OTAs where responses are allowed are taken care of by our team, and if the responses are in Spanish, French, Arabic or Russian, responses are written in the respective language.


Our GrowMyRatings system allows you to enter email addresses of your clients, and they receive an email requesting a review of their experience at your business….whether it is a hotel, restaurant, autodealer, beauty salon…any business that you can think of. We have lawyers and doctors using this system.

The email also has a coupon attached to it for repeat business. This feature dramatically increases the open rate on these emails.

At your discretion, we set up the system whereas positive reviewers are pushed to publish their review to the site of your choice…TripAdvisor, Yelp, google, CitySearch, The Knot, Wedding Wire etc. and the negative reviews come back to you for damage control.

These positive reviews can be streamed to your facebook page or website as well.

The coupon offer can be changed at any time to any promotion you want to offer. It is not onlt shareable by email but can be shared on facebook and twitter as well.

It is a Clickable coupon, and clients can be pushed to the website or page of your choice. It could go to a special promotion page, and updated facebook page or your own website. Hotels are using this to shift business from OTA to property direct bookings…saving them the 25% markups they have to give out.

We set all this up for you…..and help you Take Control of your Online Reputation.


Website Packages


For hotels, your OPTIMIZED website will not only give you, your own piece of virtual real estate, but the “book now” will link to your page to give you more direct bookings, and save you the 25% markups you pay to third party OTAs.

For independent hotels, you need a direct contact page….and area information so people find you when they are looking for things in your area.

We will link your website to your Facebook page, google page, and all your social media links so that updates and promotions can be seen by your potential guests in real time.

We can also setup your positive reviews to stream live on your website. Also be featured on our Best HOTEL DEALS PORTAL…This is a new feature that we have added. Visitors to our BEST HOTEL DEALS page will be pushed to your website getting you more exposure….This feature will be available to an exclusive club of 100 hotels. You can be one of them.

We van have the website setup so your positive reviews through GrowMyRatings system can be streamed there, if you are using that system.

The Classic 5 page website is offered at A Dollar A Day.




Take control of your TripAdvisor page, Yelp listing, Facebook page, Twitter feeds, Pinterest and Instagram.  Our team of 20 year olds do this not only as a source of income, but they enjoy it, so passion is part of the package.

Social Media is the new word of mouth. But there is so much out there, it becomes overwhelming. Do you run your business, manage and handle of your staff,  make your budgets, take care of your accounting……..or spend your time on Social Media. There is too much to do out there, you are wearing too many caps, let our team of nerds take care of these details for you. They do it well, and they do it cheap.

These packages launch in April 2015.



The difference between SEO and SEM is simply that Search Engine Optimization is part of Search engine marketing or Search marketing as it is widely known. Both processes aim in increasing visibility in search engines.

This service is being outsourced to our partners for now….more details can be discussed per property.