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Review Response Package


We are hoteliers, and we know how to respond to a guest review. We not only cater to the guest that is reading the review, but more importantly, the guest that is reading the review and deciding whether he should book your hotel or not.

An un-responded negative review or an inappropriate response results in a significant loss of business to your hotel.

We take care of that aspect of running your hotel. Our responses are based on three criteria….Operations, Sales and Marketing. Your responses should not only be a formality to be completed, they can be used as a sales and a marketing tool. Our team is trained on how to do that, so you can focus on running your property.

Each term member has worked or is working in a hotel at or above a supervisory level. Team training and quality control of the responses is overseen by a retired GM and a retired Director of Sales of major hotels.

All reviews on TripAdvisor and OTAs where responses are allowed are taken care of by our team, and if the responses are in Spanish, French, Arabic or Russian, responses are written in the respective language.


Hotel Consulting / Management

With a 20 years’ experience in the industry, the founder of R 360, Willie Singh and his associates can take over full management of your property or provide consultation services on any aspect where you need it most.

Apart from reputation management, we can do our due diligence, research your comp set and based on historic / seasonal / one-time events, we can assist with revenue management.

We also study your property and can provide a plan for cost containment. We are also setting up a cooperative purchasing group to get the best prices from vendors (domestic and international) of various products by buying in bulk quantities and getting more bargaining power.

With connections at every corporate level of the brands / flags, we can help negotiate or renegotiate franchise agreements. If you are buying or selling a hotel, leave the due diligence to us.

Our existing portfolio of full management:

Guest Care Solutions

R360 Consulting LLC has partnered with TTI Technologies Inc, a hotel technology supplier to launch Guest Care Solutions LLC providing Pre Packaged PPE Kits that includes a disposable face mask, an individual wrapped disinfecting wipe, and a gel hand sanitizer pouch and a wide range of COVID / social distancing related products.