About Us

We are a group of professionals from a variety of fields…mostly hospitality, travel, retail, IT, sales, marketing and social media….and it all adds up to ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT (ORM).

This team sums up to an approximate total of 90 (Ninety) years of experience dealing with “The Customer” and “The Internet”.

The R 360 Team

Willie D. Singh
Founder and Team Leader

Singh has been in the hospitality industry for 20 years. He started as a bellman and worked his way up to be a General Manager of various hotels in Manhattan. He has managed properties from 60 to 275 rooms. Through his career, he has managed independent hotels as well as Choice, Best Western and Wyndham flagged properties.

He then moved into hospitality and management consulting and developed a passion for “Online Reputation Management”. (ORM)

He strongly believes that in today’s world, a business can only succeed if the owners or managers take control of their online reputation.

Your customer is your biggest asset, and what he says about your business can make or break you.

​Hence he created these tools and services to help businesses with this aspect of management.

Technology alone or Human Experience by itself cannot achieve what is required in today’s competitive marketing landscape. In the “sharing economy” where customers share information at the speed of light, Willie put together a team of the knowledgeable experts, with a portfolio of technology tools to create R360 Consulting Inc.

He’s Our Guy That Knows Everybody.

Michael Webster
Team Training and Quality Control

Michael Webster is a graduate of Princeton and has 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing in the hotel and tour and travel fields. His command of the languages (English and French) plus his marketing skills make him the right person to make sure all reviews are responded to keeping the three criteria in mind…Operations, Sales and Marketing.

The Key Words Specialist….Mr. IT

Gupta is an IT professional who specializes in SEO and Key Words. He does the research on key words that need to be used in each of our hotels’ responses so as to increase their visibility and placement in search engines. That is one of our main criteria in our response package that we use to market our hotels.

He also manages our website team, and makes sure the product is optimized and custom made to our clients’ need.

Sheena Dee
Social Media Nerd

A Junior Architect who graduated from the Pratt Institute NY, Sheena is our social media nerd.

This generation is better at social media and we use that strength to add to the skills of our team. Not bad, when you get paid to be on Facebook.  She also coordinates with the rest of the team for our Social Media Package……and keep the Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages dynamic and up to date.

Some of this work is also outsourced to get the best results.

Other Projects


VRFL.COM is being created by R360 Consulting in partnership with an IT group to create a Vacation Rental Listing Portal for Florida. VRFL stands for Vacation Rentals Florida.



Our Clients’ Vanity and Brand websites will have pages on this portal along with links to hotel deals and promotions that are trending in the market. This portal will help our clients get direct bookings and bypass the OTAs. For hotels that are not our clients but that have great deals, they will be featured as well to get traffic and a loyal following.

This website will have a blog that will feature various destinations, happening event, and cool places to visit. Guest articles and insights are welcome to be featured on this website.



R360 Consulting manages the operations and marketing for multiple assets in this space. We specialize in vacation rentals in the Disney area of Orlando Florida.


R360 Consulting has a portfolio of around 20 domain names that will be developed into websites based on a revenue stream based on Google Ads and PPC. Developed turnkey
websites are available to buy if interested. We also buy and sell domains. Contact us for more details.


R360 has a strategic partnership with Noon Travels and the synergy between the two helps our existing clients in the hotel industry to benefit from this partnership by referring the group business as well as individual travel.